About Us

At MWF we are passionate about our industry and actually enjoy coming to work!  As a team we have fun wherever possible, live with passion and pride and strive to bring excellence and constant improvement on and off the field.  We use the latest technology and carefully choose our business partners. At the end of the day we are confident that our customers will be delighted and satisfied therefore we will always stand by our product 100%.

We work by engaging the whole team in the business. Decisions are made as a group and we all know it’s a level playing field when it comes to ideas and contribution.

Having involvement and empowerment in the team means we all have a stake in the business. In this inclusive way, we get to be part of something great, delivering our customers superior quality and service in timeframes that work.

Every great team has an extraordinary leader and Gary Altenburg heads our team.  A qualified joiner with top honours from Southland Polytechnic and a graduate of the University Icehouse programme, Gary brings to the business the best in cutting edge management practices.

Previously Gary owned a joinery workshop in Central Otago and has also worked in Australia. But it is to New Zealand and Christchurch that he has given his long term commitment and passion for the industry.

Simple family values are the foundation for our business. With these values and a vision to make a difference and provide customer service excellence, in 2001 Gary purchased a local business and transformed it into the winning team it is today.

We are 25+ experienced and passionate people who have come together and built this world class business with a reputation for quality and premium service.