Vector Works
Our in house design team design using CAD software ‘Vector Works. This software is recognized globally as leading design software which allows the opportunity to provide detailed design concept before manufacture.

Manufacturing software designed specifically for the joinery industry Microvellum provides the bridge between design and production. Using AutoCAD as its base it enables us to view product in 3D Format before linking thru to production.

Empower Job Management System
Labour Management is a key to ensure we have control throughout the production process, Empower not only provides the tools to do this it also enables us to efficiently manage the project costing at all times.

Empower Job Scheduling Software
Scheduling Software provides the tools to allow us to maximise our capacity while still ensuing the most critical factor the client’s deadline is met.

SCM Nest based machine
Nest based manufacturing provides greater product flexibility and efficiency. For us this machine is a vital link between the customer’s requirements and the production staff to ensure product is accurately manufactured to the highest quality.

Ott Edgebander (Twister)
Our latest investment the “Ott” Edgebander uses a new glue type (PUR). This glue allows for a much stronger and seamless end product and is superior to standard glues used in the industry. We are one of the first companies in New Zealand to use this technology.